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The 2020/2021 Senior Track and Field programme require possible changes for reasons listed below. The Athletics Wellington Board would like to open the discussion to the community to raise awareness of the reason for the needed changes and what the options are going into the 2020/2021 season.

During the 2019/20 season, the Senior Track and Field Committee led 9 afternoon meets plus a 2-day Centre Championships at Newtown Park.   Athlete participation in these meets varied widely through the season.  

At several meets, there was a shortage of helpers and officials needed to run the meet safely and efficiently.  At the end of the season, some of our most experienced officials retired.  There are now insufficient helpers and officials available for us to confidently offer a similar track and field programme in 2020/21.  We would also need new people for a track and field committee, and people willing to be Meeting Manager on the day of the meets.

The Board and others involved in last season’s programme are now reviewing the future of locally managed senior track and field meets at Newtown Park.  Options being considered are:

1. No programme led by the Centre, but active support provided for meets organised by others (eg. Club-led meets such as the Agency 10,000m and the Kiwi Throwers meet, the Regional League meet – if held at Newtown Park, and the Capital Classic)

2. A much reduced programme, led by the Centre – (this might involve having reduced programme meets held on Sunday afternoons, following the Junior Interclub meets, and would only have one field event running at a time).  However, this option still requires more helpers who are willing to plan the 2020/21 season programme and manage the events on the day.

3. A programme led by the Centre, generally similar to 2019/20 – but this would only be feasible if a significant number of people will commit to help plan and manage the season programme, and support the events on the day as a helper, official or Meeting Manager

The Board now seeks feedback on these options and offers of the support that would be needed for Options 2 and 3 to be viable.

If you wish to provide general feedback, please send your response by email to: athleticswelly@gmail.com

If you wish to offer your support so that the Centre can lead a track and field programme next season, please fill in the form at THIS LINK.

Please provide your responses by Friday 12 June. Once responses are received and analysed, the Board will decide on a direction for the 2020/21 season.

To find out more about what is involved in helping out at a track and field meet, please CLICK HERE

For further background, HERE is a set of slides.

Hamish Girvan

Board Chair