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Get Set Go & Run Jump Throw

Get Set Go (3 – 8yr olds)
Get Set Go (GSG) is Athletics New Zealand’s foundation programme aimed at teaching children, aged 3-8 years, a wide range of fundamental movement skills that form the basis of athletic activity through game based play.

Run Jump Throw (6 – 11yr olds)
Run, Jump, Throw (RJT) is Athletics New Zealand’s basic skills programme aimed at children aged 7-11 years. Emphasis of the RJT programme is on the development of basic athletic sport skills creating a foundation for correct movement techniques in athletic activities.

For more information on these programs please go to the Athletics New Zealand Kids Athletics Page http://kidsathletics.nz/.

Want to get involved? Workshops will be scheduled in the Wellington Region depending on interest. To find out more about these workshops please contact us at athleticswelly@gmail.com

What these workshops will cover:
The underlying concepts and philosophies of Get Set Go and Run Jump Throw and give parents/volunteers/coaches confidence to deliver fun, age appropriate programmes to all children.

  •  What is ‘Get Set Go’ and Run Jump Throw?
  • What are fundamental movement skills and basic sport skills?
  • 3 Key Coaching Philosophies
  • How to deliver/implement the programme in a club setting