Welcome To Athletics Wellington


Hope you are staying safe at home at this time. 

As you would expect, the Wellington City Council has locked the Newtown Park to the public and is attempting to minimise the use of the track during this unprecedented time. 

If you are traveling to the Newtown Park for trainings, we encourage you to please stay within your own neighbourhoods. We understand this is a difficult time for athletes but it is very important that we stick to the guidelines from the government and refrain from traveling between neighbourhoods or to different areas within Wellington. 

Wellington City Council will be changing the Newtown Park gate locks to prevent people from entering the park. Once the lockdown has lifted they will resume regular access to the park. This will ensure greater security for the WCC buildings as well as equipment on the park and within the storage shed. Also, with opening and closing of gate and people touching surfaces/gates etc this would decrease the potential for spread.

The council is wary there might be some of our athletes continuing their individual training and this could hinder their training ability. All other grass parks throughout the city remain open for public use.If you have any major concerns, please get in touch on athleticswelly@gmail.com.

We would like to reiterate that we understand the necessity for athletes to keep their training up however we are in very special circumstances at the moment and require everyones support to ensure the lockdown processes are followed and we can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.