14-18 Interprovincial Team Announcement

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Congratulations to the following athletes who have been selected for the Wellington team that will travel to Hamilton for the Interprovincials competition at Porritt Stadium on 25 January 2020.

The team members currently are:

Max Abbot
Fiti Aliva
Emily Barr
Reuben Beard
Izel Dow-Tijerina
Anya Dunlop-Brown
Josh Hagen
Elizabeth Hewitt
Jack Hunter
Jamie Kearns
Zech Kingi
Ari Koed Chang
Jade Matthews-Wanden
Alex Martin
Axel McKenna
Ethan Mckenzie
Seth Palmer-Rennie
Kaleb Sola
Selai To’ia
Tyrone Trego
Mikaele Ulugia-Mao

The Team Managers currently are

Shaka Sola

Amanda Goldsmith

David Curd (Scooter)