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Athletics Wellington Team for NZ Road Champs

Auckland, SUNDAY 15 September

If you would like to still be considered, especially in the W35, W50 and M18 category, entries are still open. Please complete an EOI asap. Click Here

This is the first group of athletes selected for the team. Further names will be added following the Wellington Road Champs on 24 August.

If any of these athletes are no longer available for the team, please advise Don Dalgliesh at dondalgliesh@xtra.co.nz as soon as possible.

Senior Men

Harry Burnard (S), Seamus Kane (S), Niam Macdonald-Joslin (S), Isaac Murphy (W), Nathan Tse (W).             

Men Under 20

Liam Chesney (W), Toby Gualter (O), Max Karamanolis (W), Liam Lamb (Wairarapa), Finn Molloy (T), Thomas Strawbridge (T).

Men Under 18

Will Anthony (O), Sam Argyle-Wright (O), Finbar Chesney (W), Mason Waterworth (W).

Masters Men 35

Dan Clendon (W), Brian Garmonsway (T), Dan Nixon (W), Mathew Rogers (H), Andrew Wharton (S), Ben Winder (S).

Masters Men 50

Graeme Butcher (M), Paul Hewitson (W), Grant McLean (S), Peter Stevens (S), Bill Twiss (S), Michael Wray (S).

Senior Women

Melissa Black (W), Maiya Christini (W), Sarah Drought (W), Esther George (W), Jess Kikstra (S), Nicole Mitchell (S).

Women’s Under 20

Catrin Dawson (W), Hannah Gordon (H), Hannah Houghton (W), Kirstie Rae (W).

Women’s Under 18

Saskia Cosgrove-Drayton (W), Emma Douglass (O), Jessica Hughes (O), Esther Kozyniak (W), Maali Kyle-Ford (W).

Masters Women 35

Lindsay Barwick (S), Tina Faulkner (S), Michelle Van Looy (O).

Masters Women 50

Victoria Humphries (W), Carline Thomas (W), Helen Willis (S).


Daniel Du Toit (T).