Track and Field

The following table contains results from Athletics Wellington Senior Track & Field meetings and other designated events staged at Newtown Park

Results for the Central Athletics League [CAL] Regional Teams Competition can be view HERE

Results for College Sport Wellington events can be located HERE

DateEventResult Link
12/03/2023 and 19/03/2023AW Junior Champs Day 1 & 2 Results
08/03/2023 AW Scottish Twilight Meet #6Results
18/02/2023AW Senior & Masters Track & Field ChampionshipsSenior


12/02/2023AW Junior Interclub Meet #5Results
08/02/2023AW- Scottish Twilight Meet #5 Results


04/02/2023Sola Power Throws Meet Results
03/02/2023Team Ledger Harcourts Capital ClassicResults
25/01/2023AW- Scottish Twilight Meet #4Results
17/12/2022Lifestyle Sports Scottish 'Night of Miles'Results
14/12/2022AW- Scottish Twilight Series Meet #3 Results
02/12/2022- 04/12/2022New Zealand Masters Athletics Championships Results
23/11/2022AW- Scottish Twilight Series Meet #2 Results
20/11/2022Senior Open Meet Results
20/11/2022AW Junior Interclub Meeting # 2 Track


19/11/2022The Agency Group 10,000m FestivalResults
09/11/2022AW- Scottish Twilight Series Meet #1 Results
06/11/2022AWJC Interclub Meet #1Track

05/11/2022Kiwi Thrower's Meet Results
22/10/2022Spring Open Meeting Results
15/10/2022Season Opener Track & Field Meet Results
11/09/2022Winter T&F Series Meet #4 For results and information from all WS meets Track
14/08/2022Winter T&F Series Meet #3For results and information from all WS meets Track
17/07/2022Winter T&F Series Meet #2 For results and information from all WS meets Track
29/05/2022Winter T&F Series Meet #1 For results and information from all WS meets Track
27/03/20215000m Wellington ChampsTrack
27/03/2021Mini MeetTrack
21/03/2021Junior Champs - Day TwoTrack
20/03/2021Wellington Champs - Horizontal Jumps Day oneClick here
14/03/2021Junior Champs - Day oneTrack
13/03/2021Throws & Jumps Champs - Day oneClick Here
06/03/2021Throws festival meet Click Here
06/03/2021Horizontal Jumps meet Click Here
24/02/2021Twilight Meet Click Here
14/02/2021AWJC Interclub 5Click Here
14/02/20211600m Walks Click Here
13/02/2021Kiwi Throws MeetClick Here
10/02/2021Twilight MeetClick Here
06/02/2021SOLA POWER throws meet Click Here
07/02/2021Kiwi Throws MeetClick Here
27/01/2021Twilight MeetClick Here
23/01/2021Mini meet / 5000m WalkClick Here
16/01/2021Sprints and Middle Distance - MastertonClick Here
19/12/2020Scottish Night of Miles Click Here
09/12/2020Scottish Twilight Meet 3Click Here
06/12/2020Junior Interclub 4Click Here
25/11/2020Scottish Twilight Meet 2Click Here
21/11/202Race Walk results - Amended Click Here
21/11/2020Senior Mini-MeetClick Here
15/11/2020Junior Interclub 2 Click Here
15/11/2020Race Walk 2Click Here
14/11/2020Central League 2Click Here
10/11/20Scottish Twilight Meet 1Click Here
07/11/2020Senior track and field meet 2Click Here
01/11/2020Senior Race Walk Click Here
01/11/2020Junior Interclub 1Click Here
24/10/2020Senior track and field meetClick Here
17/10/2020Throws and Jumps meet 1Click Here
15/03/2020Junior Champs Day 1Click Here
09/02/2020Junior InterclubClick Here
09/02/2020Senior MeetClick Here
01/02/2020WLG Centre ChampsClick Here
25/01/2020Grand Prix 3Click Here
12/01/2020Kiwi ThrowersClick Here
15/12/2019Junior Interclub 4Click Here
14/12/2019Scottish Night of MilesClick Here
01/12/2019Interclub 3Click Here
23/11/2019Regional League Meet 3Click Here
16/11/2019Grand Prix 2Click Here
09/11/2019Agency 10000m RaceRace A Click Here
Race B Click Here
Invitational Click Here
09/11/2019Mini Meet & 10000m Race Walk ChampsClick Here
09/11/2019Regional League Meet 2 Palmerston NorthClick Here
03/11/2019Junior Interclub MeetClick Here
02/11/2019Regional League Meet 1 - InglewoodResults Click Here
Points Click Here
19/10/2019Grand Prix Click Here
12/10/2019Opening Day Click Here
30/03/2019Club Meet A & 5000m ChampsClick Here
24/03/2019Day 2 Junior ChampsClick Here
23/03/2019Club Meet BClick Here
17/03/2019Day 1 Junior ChampsClick Here
10/03/2019Senior Track and Field National ChampsClick Here
02/03/2019Club Meet AClick Here
10/02/2019Childen Inter Club 5Click Here
3/02/2019Track Events AW ChampsClick Here
3/02/2019Field Events AW ChampsClick Here
2/02/2019Track Events AW ChampsClick Here
2/02/2019Field Events AW ChampsClick Here
19/01/2019Sola Power Throwers MeetClick Here
18/01/2019Capital ClassicClick Here
15/12/2108Children Inter Club 4Click Here
15/12/2018Club Meet & 10000m ChampsClick Here
9/12/2018Children Inter-Club 3
Field Here Track Here
9/12/2018Senior Modified BClick Here
30/11/2018NZSS ChampsClick Here
18/11/2018Children Inter-Club. FinalClick Here
17/11/2018Central League 3 Wellington v2Click Here
10/11/2018The agency 10000mClick Here
10/11/2018Club Meet AClick Here
04/11/2018Children Inter-Club Click Here
03/11/2018Central League
Palmerston Nth
Click Here
27/10/2018Central League
Click Here
20/10/2018Club Meet BClick Here
06/10/2018Club Meet AClick Here