Athletics Wellington farewells Community Engagement Lead

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Athletics Wellington farewells Community Engagement Lead

Athletics Wellington wishes to farewell and thank Tamsin Harvey for her role as the Community Engagement Lead which she began in November 2022. She leaves to take a new role with Heart Foundation Wellington where she will utilize skills gained in experiences amongst Athletics Wellington’s community especially the schools space.

Tamsin’s new role will be more in the field of her studies of Nutrition and Public Health as she will work alongside Early Education providers in the Wellington Region.

Athletics Wellington’s General Manager Tony Rogers, acknowledges the support in the community space by Tamsin where she  has contributed effectively to building relationships and supporting all schools athletics in our community, with a focus at Newtown Park and more recently supporting schools in their school.
Her work  especially around facilitating safer events environments is acknowledged alongside the significant developments of such new initiatives with the Youth Development Squad and the Community Project with Changemakers.

We hope to see Tamsin around the athletics community in Wellington in the future,  meanwhile Athletics Wellington will take the next few months to determine replacing Tamsin in the community support space.