2021: Athletics Wellington Nationals Selection

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2021: Athletics Wellington Nationals Selection

From the 5-7 of March, the New Zealand Track and Field Championships will be hosted in Hawks Bay, Hastings.

Athletics Wellington has selected a team of 70 compiling of the region’s top athletes competing across 21 events over the weekend.

Below is the Wellington team selection list – Congratulations to all the selected members and all the best – We will see you in Hastings!

First name Last name Club
Max Abbot Karori AAC
Will Anthony Olympic Harrier Inc
Mia Bartlett Athletics Wairarapa
Tama Bartlett Athletics Wairarapa
Travis Bartlett Athletics Wairarapa
Ruby Barton WHAC
Matthew Bealing Mana ACC
Ruben Beard Olympic Harrier Inc
Rowan Blaikie Kiwi Athletic Club
Ethan Calder-Cass Paraparaumu Track & Field Club
Hamish Carson Wellington Scottish
Liam Chesney WHAC
Emma Douglass Olympic Harrier Inc
Daniel Du Toit WHAC
Sarah Du Toit WHAC
Anya Dunlop-Brown Mana ACC
Corran Hanning Kiwi Athletic
Caedman Hawkins Athletic Wairarapa
Sarah Hay WHAC
Alexander Hewitt Mana ACC
Elizabeth Hewitt Mana ACC
Jack Hunter Athletic Wairarapa
Antonia Jamieson Lower Hutt
Seamus Kane Wellington Scottish
Max Karamanolis WHAC
Jamie Kearns Mana ACC
Oliver Krijnen Mana ACC
Sean Lake Wellington Scottish
Liam Lamb Wairarapa track and field
Ben Lambert Paraparaumu Track & Field Club
Josh Ledger Kiwi Athletic
Jack Lewington Wairarapa Track and Field
Joshua Lotsu Paraparaumu Track & Field Club
Deborah Lynch Olympic Harrier Inc
Susannah Lynch Olympic Harrier Inc
Niam MacDonald Wellington Scottish
Alex Martin Karori AAC
Danielle McLean WHAC
Neve Meade Wairarapa Track & Field
Kosta Mills Athletic Wairarapa
Isaac Murphy WHAC
Manish Narayan Wairarapa Track & Field
Seth Palmer-Rennie Lower Hutt
Jake Paul Kiwi Athletic
Josephine Reeves Lower Hutt
Matthew Rodger Wairarapa Track & Field
Jonathan Sceats Vic Uni Athletics Club
Taylor Singer Paraparaumu Track & Field
Seb Skelton WHAC
Kaleb Sola Lower Hutt
Mikayla Sola Lower Hutt
Saravee Sos WHAC
Mikael Starzynski Athletics Wairarapa
Thomas Strawbridge Trentham United
Nathaniel Sulupo Titahi Bay
Lili Szabo Upper Hutt Athletic Club
Hiro Tanimoto Wellington Scottish
Iorana Taufafo-Tafili Upper Hutt Athletic Club
Joshua Taylor Wairarapa Track & Field
Anna Thomson Mana AAC
Tyrone Trego Mana AAC
Naomi Waite WHAC
Amy Walker Scottish Harriers club Wellington
Mason Waterworth WHAC
Nikora Wharehinga-Sime Lower Hutt
Liam Willcocks Mana AAC
Cody Wilson Mana AAC
Jacqueline Wilson Trentham Harriers
Liam Wright Olympic Harrier Inc
Jarrod Yee Wairarapa Track and Field

For more information on New Zealand Track and Field Champs: Here 

Any queries, please email the team manager Amanda at amandagoldsmith877@gmail.com