Congratulations to our Appointed Team Managers

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Congratulations and thank you to our appointed team managers for the New Zealand Club Nationals and the 12/13 Interproventual Championships.

Without the time and effort of our team managers, our teams simply would not function. Thank you for making it possible for all athletes to simply have to turn up and compete knowing that they have a great support team behind them.

Managing an athletic team not an easy job but it is one that is always appreciated and we thank you for that.

The Managers are as follows:

New Zealand Championships Managers (March 2021)

Phillip Du Toit

Brian Seymore

Amanda Goldsmith

And assisting with the relays will be Mark & Andrea Harris


12/13 Interproventuals Managers (April 2021)

Anna Ashton

Toni King

Trish Raea

Amanda Goldsmith

Nga Holmes

Joe Robins

Perry Dinnan


For more information or to see if you can play a role in the up-coming teams please email Amanda at