Youth Interprovincials team announcement

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Wellington Centre team for Youth Interprovincials 2021


We are delighted to announce the large team that has been selected to represent Wellington at the Youth Interprovincials 2021, to be held at the AUT Millennium stadium in Auckland on 30 January 2021.


Congratulations to all the members of the team.  We wish you all the best for the competition, and safe travels.


Some late changes are possible, but at present, the team is:


Emily Barr Mana Amateur Athletic
Ashden Brew Titahi Bay Amateur Athletics
Phoebe Campbell Titahi Bay Amateur Athletics
Anya Dunlop-Brown Mana Amateur Athletic
Torben Fear Wellington Scottish Athletics
Niamh Gedye Paraparaumu Track and Field
Celena Gotico Olympic Harrier and Athletic
Corran Hanning Kiwi Athletics
Lizzie Hewitt Mana Amateur Athletics
Alexander Hewitt Mana Amateur Athletics
Jack Hunter Athletics Wairarapa
Antonia Jamieson Lower Hutt Amateur Athletics
Jamie Kearns Mana Amateur Athletics
Jacob Kilmister Paraparaumu Track and Field
Ari Koed Chang Wellington Harrier Athletic
Joshua Lotsu Paraparaumu Track and Field
April Milne Athletics Wairarapa
Tiopira Mulholland Wellington Harrier Athletic
Molly O’Sullivan Olympic Harrier and Athletic
Kyle Owen Mana Amateur Athletics
Seth Palmer-Rennie Lower Hutt Amateur Athletics
Flynn Register Athletics & Cycling Masterton
Sovaia Sabutu Athletics Wairarapa
Skye Singer Paraparaumu Track & Field
Taylor Singer Paraparaumu Track & Field
Mikayla Sola Lower Hutt Amateur Athletics
Kaleb Sola Lower Hutt Amateur Athletics
Cole Thomson Lower Hutt Amateur Athletics
Tyrone Trego Mana Amateur Athletics
Va’a Tui Titahi Bay Amateur Athletics
Harper Ubiaga Karori Athletics
Jasmine Wellington Athletics Wairarapa
Amber Wellington Athletics Wairarapa
James Wembridge Olympic Harrier and Athletic
Nikora Wharehinga-Sime Lower Hutt Amateur Athletics
Thomas White Olympic Harrier and Athletic
Chethana Witharana Olympic Harrier and Athletic

The team managers are: 

Amanda Goldsmith

Ross Hanning

Bronwen Sola

Shaka Sola