Junior Champs – Important Update

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The event programme has been amended, following the seeding of events.

The amended programme is here

There are multiple changes from the draft programme, so parents and athletes need to carefully review the amended programme.  Some track events do not require heats in some grades, and athletes in those events will go straight to finals.

The Hurdles will be run as finals at the start of the programme for each day, for reasons of efficiency.  In the G12 80m hurdles event, there will be a timed final across two races.

Reminding yourself what events you entered

You can quickly find the events you entered at the entry site:  https://wellingtonjuniorchamps2021.eventdesq.com

Select the “Confirmed Entrants” tab and search for your athlete (hint:  enter the surname into the Keyword field).  Once you find your athlete, click on the eye icon at the right of the screen – this will create a pop up showing all the events that the athlete has entered.


If you decide to withdraw from one or more events prior to the Sunday, please send an email to Anna, at: ward.anna60@gmail.com  This helps us to manage the events better on the day (we will avoid wasting time searching for an athlete who is not going to turn up). If you want to scratch from an event on the day, please pass a message to the results room at the top of the grandstand.