Long Serving Members Recognised by Athletics New Zealand

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Athletics New Zealand recognise Long Serving Members 

At the 135th Athletics New Zealand Annual General meeting on Saturday made a number of Awards to recognise people in our  sport, across three categories, Life Membership, Merit and Long Service Awards.

Peter Jack, [Kiwi Athletics Club] was awarded an Athletics NZ Merit award for his longstanding work in Athletics across all aspects of the sport for his beloved Kiwi Athletics Club and Wellington Centre. He is a regular participant and an official at the Newtown Park events throughout the summer. His other passion is rugby.   
Click Here  to see a profile on Peter’s outstanding Athletics involvement. Athletics Wellington’s General Manager Tony Rogers who has been an athlete, coach, and administrator at National, Centre  clubs and school level particularly in Waikato and Wellington was awarded a merit award alongside Peter, Paul Craddock [Auckland], Dianne Rodger [Waikato] and Murray Green [Waikato]. 

Athletics NZ Life Memberships were awarded to Dame Valerie Adams for her distinguished career and service to the sport, along with former NZL Commonwealth Games racewalker, coach and national selector Graham Seatter, and long serving Canterbury and National technical official Alan Tucker.

Seven outstanding Local Wellington members to gain recognition for their Long Service and very valued contributions to our sport well in excess of the  20 years set ad a benchmark required  were

  • Veronica and Graham Gould – [Wellington Harrier Athletic Club]  for Centre, Club and  Masters Athletics 
  • Rowan Greig – [Scottish]  Club and photography services 
  • Geoff Iremonger – [Trentham and Wellington Scottish]  for Race Walking and Officiating 
  • John Leonard – [Wellington Scottish] for Officiating and Race walking 
  • Tony McKone – [Hutt Valley Harriers] for Officiating and administration 
  • Richard Willis – [Trentham and Hutt Valley] for officiating/announcer and Race Walking