Summer season planning calendar – 2020-21

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Summer season planning calendar – 2020-21

We have prepared a draft planning calendar for the 2020-21 season, showing planned events at Newtown Park, together with a range of other events in various locations that may be of interest to athletes and officials.

The draft planning calendar is available HERE

We are keen to get feedback about this draft programme.

There are still opportunities for additional events at Newtown Park to be included in the season programme. Additional events can be added either alongside the current bookings or on new dates, provided that there are people willing to plan and lead these events.

As an example, horizontal jumps and/or sprints could be added to weekend meets if people will offer to be responsible for managing these events. If you would like to propose additional events, please contact Marshall Clark at:  marshallclark21@gmailcom


In July, we outlined a change to the management of the Athletics Wellington senior track and field programme for the 2020-21 season.  See:

For this coming season, senior track and field meets at Newtown Park will be managed by affiliated clubs or groups with specific interests.  Support for these meets will be provided by Athletics Wellington officials, subject to their availability.

We have received proposals from several groups who are keen to lead meets at Newtown Park, and we now have dates arranged for a wide range of planned events.

One of the new initiatives for this season is a series of mid-week twilight track meets, to be hosted by Wellington Scottish Athletics Club. These meets will commence in November and will be held on Wednesday nights at two week intervals, through until late February.  The track programme will be a mix of sprints and middle-distance races, with the distances alternating between meets.

One feature event in the calendar is the Capital Classic (managed by ACE Rogers Sports). This will be held on Saturday 20 February.  We welcome the change to holding this event on a Saturday, and are confident this will be well supported by athletes and spectators.

Note: at this stage, it is unlikely that there will be a 2-day Wellington Centre Champs as in previous years.  However, the Capital Classic on 20 February will provide a good opportunity for top level competition in the lead-up to the National Track and Field Champs.  There will be Wellington Champs for various individual events during the season.