NZ Road Running Champs Results

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The Wellington team collected team medals in all 8 grades in which we had teams, with Golds for the M50, W35, SW and M20 teams and silvers for the M35, SM, M18 and W18 teams.

Individually, there were 12 medals in the running events, with a further 11 age grade medals and 1 Walking medal.


Gold medals to Peter Stevens in the M50, Mel Stevens in the W35, Toby Gualter in the M20 and Kirstie Rae in the W20, silver medals to Mel Aitken in the W35, Vickie Humphries in the  W50, Melissa Black in the  SW and Maali Kyle-Ford in the W18 and bronze medals to Paul Hewitson in the M50, Lindsay Barwick in the W35, Jess Kikstra in the SW and Thomas Strawbridge in the M20.


Gold medal to Daniel Du Toit in the M20 10km walk.

Age groups

Gold medals to Peter Stevens in the M55, Mel Stevens in the W40 and Lindsay Barwick in the W45, silver medals to Brian Garmonsway M40, Grant McLean in the M50, Paul Hewitson in the M55, Mel Aitken in the W40, Michelle Van Looy in the W45 and Vickie Humphries in the W55, and bronze medals for Dan Nixon in the M40 and Michael Wray in the M50.

Our congratulations to all 45 of you who represented Wellington with great credit over the weekend, not only those of you who brought home medals but also all those who gave their best effort on the day for the team.  

On behalf of Don Dalgliesh and Bev Hodge

Team Managers