Track and Field Committee Changes

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Hi All,

As you all will have noticed, Athletics Wellington is undergoing a few changes in the operational front of things. As part of this change the Athletics Wellington Board has assigned Marshall Clarke, with the help a group of people that Marshall will select , as a working group to develop and report detailed findings and recommendations in the Senior Track and Field community. This group will report to Hamish Girvan, Chair of the Athletics Wellington Board and the rest of the Board members and will aim to look for changes to enable them to lead an even more vibrant and high quality senior track and field programme in Wellington.

This review will include key aspects like;

Putting a basic structure and governance in place e.g. meeting structure, documentation.
Getting assistance from others in the sport to form a relevant committee that is representative of the Wellington clubs in the sport.
Identifying key issues within the Senior Track and Field community and identifying opportunities to grow the sport within the club community.
Upon approval, the working group will implement these recommendations starting August 2019 and undertake detailed planning for the season ahead.

Athletics Wellington would like to acknowledge Charlie Nairne for 11 years of service to the Athletics Wellington Community, 7 years on the Junior Track and Field Committee and 4 years on the Senior Track and Field Committee of which 3 years were as chair. Charlie has decided to step down as the chair of the senior committee and we would like to thank him for all the work he has put into Athletics Wellington over the years.


Athletics Wellington Board