Track and Field Helpers

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We need people to register as helpers for our 2019/20 track and field programme at Newtown Park.

It can be a great experience helping out – you are close to the action and you are making a great contribution.

You don’t need to have helped at an athletics meet before – our officials can provide guidance on the day. You might be asked to help with measuring jumps or throws, or retrieving javelins, taking field results to the results manager, or using the rake at the long jump pit 🙂

We currently have 10 Club Meets in our summer calendar, plus our Centre Champs on the weekend of 1-2 February.

We don’t expect your help at every meet – just whatever you can manage during the season. Most of our Club Meets are on Saturday afternoons, from 1:00pm and should be finished by around 3:30 to 4pm once everything is packed away. The more helpers we have to assist with pack up, the sooner everyone can get on their way.

Even if you can only help at one or two meets, it will make a huge difference to the running of the events on that day, so please give it a go.

Please fill in the form at the link below if you are willing to go onto a list of helpers that we will contact prior to each meet, asking for your support.