World Schools Cross Country

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Wellington athletes at the World Schools Cross Country event:

Ava Sutherland led in NZL women team to 6th place in girls Under 18, while Juju Moorhead had top effort in Under 15 finishing 22nd.

In the Girls Under 15 category, Juju Moorhead from Wellington Girls College had an outstanding performance, finishing 22nd out of 52 participants. It’s great to see such talent representing Wellington!

Moving on to the Girls Under 18 category, the NZL team put up a fantastic performance, securing 6th place with a total of 121 points. The competition was tough, with Kenya taking the top spot, followed by Uganda, Rwanda, Morocco, and Turkey. Among the Wellington Girls College participants, Ava Sutherland achieved an impressive 26th place. Poppy Healy from Queen Margaret College finished 39th, while Maia Holden, Annabel Tuck, Giselle Kenworthy, and Maria Revelant, all from Wellington Girls College, secured 43rd, 45th, 58th, and 62nd places respectively. It’s clear that Wellington athletes gave their all and represented the region admirably.

In the Boys Under 18 category, the NZL team secured 5th place with 118 points. Kenya once again took the top spot, followed by Uganda, Morocco, Turkey, and Rwanda.  Max Doherty from Onslow College secured the 64th position.

It’s evident that Wellington athletes showcased their talent and determination at the World Schools Cross Country event. Congratulations to all the participants for their outstanding performances! Wishing you the best of luck for the upcoming Wellington CSW champs on Wednesday. Keep up the great work!