2019 Trans Tasman Challenge Grade 10 & 11

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Trans Tasman Tour – SydneY 7th  – 15th January 2019


 Trial Nomination form and more information linked below

You must trial to be considered for selection

Please read carefully to avoid misunderstanding

 To enable those considering taking part in the 2019 Trans Tasman Tour to make holiday and financial arrangements, the following is a summary of important aspects of the Tour. It includes proposed itinerary, costs and other arrangements, however please be aware these are only a guide at this stage.

 We also outline the methods of selection for positions in the team, training responsibilities and important dates in preparation for the Tour.

 In order to make the Tour a success, an enjoyable experience for all, and to ensure the safety of the athletes throughout the Tour we ask that you take particular notice of the rules under which the Tour will operate.

 Dates of Tour:

  • Leaving Auckland Airport on Monday 7th January on QF142 at 8.40am and QF144 at 2.00pm.
  • Depart Sydney Airport on Tuesday 15th January on QF143 arriving in Auckland at 3.25pm and QF145 arriving in Auckland at 5.25pm.

The size of our tour party necessitates two flights. Athletes will travel in sections and be advised of their personal flight details closer to departure.

 All team members will depart from Auckland International Airport. Domestic travel and any accommodation is the responsibility of the participant.

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Trial Information

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