Combined Senior & Junior Meet

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Below are both the Junior and Senior programmes for this event.

Seniors please note that the Seniors program is a modified Club Meet B which differs from the programme on our website. Also please also refer to this link  for the Important Information regarding financial status, race bibs, health and safety and Note 1 for the requirement for pre-entry for the Steeplechase.

Seniors Note:

  1. Senior athletes are to wear their race bibs (refer to the above link for information regarding this).
  2. The event start times for the seniors are indicative only and are dependent on the completion of the rounds in the junior interclub (which is dependent on the number of children who turn up) and the availability of the officials.
  3. For health and safety reasons, the throwing events will not begin until the junior interclub has finished and the junior athletes have left the competition arena.
  4. Events marked * will be held during the junior interclub (but as Senior events)
  5. Events marked ** are a combined Junior/Senior event


This combined event is an opportunity to expose senior athletics to the junior athletes, to inspire their parents to become officials (by working alongside graded officials) and, for some of us, it will be a walk down memory lane to where our athletics journey began.

For the programmes, please follow the links below;

Junior Program

Senior Program