Day 8 Quentin Rew to tackle 50km Walk in heat tomorrow

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Wellington’s Quentin Rew will tackle 50km Walk in heat tomorrow

Wellington’s Quentin Rew will be up early on Friday morning to start the 50Km Road Walk in the tricky conditions that Tokyo will throw at the endurance walkers tomorrow.  The Wellington Harrier Athletics Club athlete who bases himself predominantly in Australia these days where he is guided by Brent Vallance will commence his race at 5.30am Tokyo time [8.30am NZT]. The very early start is set in order to allow athletes better conditions for the ultimate endurance test.

Rew will line up in his third Olympic  50km event knowing the result will be based on preparation and strategy and he will need to draw upon all his experience in the testing conditions to over the elements and the 58 other competitors. In London 2012 Rew was placed 27th  and he improved four years later in Rio to be placed 12th after finishing 10th the year earlier in the Beijing World Championships of 2015.

His best 50km performance was recorded at the 2017 London World Championships with 3hrs 46mins 29 secs, where also finished 12th.