Athletics New Zealand Long Service Awards

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Long Service awards were announced today at the Athletics New Zealand Annual General Meeting.

In our Wellington region, the recipients of these prestigious awards are:

Brendon Flanagan (Wellington Harriers, 24 years),

Gabrielle O’Rourke (Wellington Harriers, 24),

Jim Samson (Wellington Harriers, 21),

Willy Szeto (Athletics Wellington, 20), Mike Ritchie (Athletics Wellington, 20),

Shaka Sola (Athletics Wellington, 20),

Vaughan Oates (Athletics Wellington, 20),

Alastair Leslie (Athletics Wellington, 20),

Mark Harris (Wairarapa Track & Field, 20),

Nga Holmes (Titahi Bay Athletics, 22),

We gratefully acknowledge the enormous contribution these people have made to our sport.


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